This year I begun to take part in #makearteveryday, the creative project by Lisa Bardot of Bardot Brush. It’s going quite well so far. 3rd week, which is food packaging, has been a bit tough. But I publish my drawings once a week as a group. Probably because I find they look a bit better as a group. 
I’m taking it very easy. I know I will not stick to it for long if I get too critical about my drawings. I’m also using one Procreate brush per week, which is a bit more hard at times, but also a nice way to get to know some of the new brushes.

I especially enjoined drawing the desserts last week for week 2. I find it a very good sign when my toddler finds them tasty looking.😀 This must mean they actually look like edible things and not just some weird attempts at impressionism.

I have a feeling that some of the technical learning with vectors on Adobe Illustrator last year was a form of avoiding actual freehand drawing. I’m not saying that it was wasted time, far from it, but it was definitely my fear making me go with what felt the easiest out of all the hard things. So this year, thanks to my more positive mindset (thanks to all the technical learning I did last year), I’m going to do more free hand drawing and painting and most importantly, learn how to edit these drawings in Photoshop and turn them into repeat patterns.

Here’s my first one made with the dessert drawings from week 2 of #makearteveryday. It’s a rough version, but I love it. It doesn’t look like the style I imagined I’d ever be drawing in, but I’m beyond excited that I’ve made this. There’s a lot of learning to be done this year so I’m trying to hold on to this feeling of excitement. It’s not that fun doing things that one doesn’t feel good at, but I’m slowly starting to believe that doing those things might just yield some fun results.

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