Lovely 100% Organic Cotton Tote Bags

I’ve added some new prints to my Doc Cotton Shop.

In the end it was hard to decide which ones I liked the most. I had made so many variations and ideas led to new ideas and suddenly I had over a 100 new prints to choose from. In the end I picked 8 of my favourites.

Doodle Rainbows

It’s way too early too see “signature style” taking shape yet, but I got very immersed in doodling with a pen on paper, than using image trace to vectorise my drawings.

For the star pattern I used the pen tool in illustrator for a crisper look. I also coloured all the elements with gradients.

Starry Night Sky

I had a lot of fun drawing the snowflakes. Repeating geometric elements in Illustrator is a very satisfying process. I also like the pattern as they are good for the whole of winter, not just Christmas.

Rainbow Snowflakes

Visit Doc Cotton for sustainable and ethically made Christmas gifts for the whole family. 😘

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