These fabric teepees are all over Pinterest so naturally I wanted to make one too.

Though where the Pinterest teepees look stylish and chic, mine looks like a colourful patchwork circus tent. But my kid doesn’t know any better and to be honest, I kind of prefer mine. I’m sure Pippi Longstocking would approve.

By lemonbeedesigns.com
Inside view from the top

Fabric wise I’ve used different thicknesses of cottons and polycottons. I love that I’ve been able to incorporate some of the colourful Laura Ashley fabrics that used to be my curtains when I was eight years old.


Here are pictures of the technical bit. I always get very into the calculations of any project, but as everything gets cut and made by hand there is always some mismatching between the different parts. A little ‘fine tuning’ is needed every time I’m finishing up a piece, but that is all part of the uniqueness.

The structure consists of five 2cm thick and 1.8 meter long wooden poles. In hindsight the teepee could work better with just four poles. I think it might be harder to spread the five out evenly.

I also splashed a bit of chalk paints on the poles, as I apparently have to paint every wooden surface in sight.


The kid hasn’t properly napped for months now, but he loves to cover himself with his crochet star blanket and pretend to take one in the teepee. Sometimes I crawl in there with him and stare at all the lovely colourful prints. We also like counting all the Moomin characters from one of the fabrics.  The teepee seems to have a very calming effect on us I’ve noticed.

Oooh I should make one for each room! They would be like little relaxation pods… Or maybe I’m just getting carried away again. Perhaps one more. One suitable for outside use.

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