Neon Chandelier

By now it should go without saying that I love colourful things. I find spray painting a super easy and quick way to add colour to my life and here is a collection of decorative projects I’ve completed this year. Apologies for the lack of ‘before’ picture. I am too impatient to see the finished product.

Safety first: always remember to read the instructions on the bottle before use. πŸ‘

Neon Chandelier

When we moved into our home a couple of years ago, this chandelier had been left in our small toilet. I really liked it, but thought it could do better hanging in the living room, and painted super colourful.

Safety First: I asked an electrician and his opinion was that as the light bulbs would not be in near contact with any of the painted surfaces, the risk of fire would be low, but I should proceed with caution. He told me to make sure to use only low wattage LED light bulbs as these would produce the lowest amount of heat.

The paint itself should not be used on surfaces that regularly exceed temperatures of 80 degrees celsius.

Altering a product like this will instantly void any safety testing certificates and I wouldn’t recommend selling such products forward. I never leave this light on if I am not at home. Please consider this an at-you-own-risk kind of a craft project.

First I covered all the light bulb sockets and the canopy (top) with paper and frog tape. Then I sprayed the chandelier with white primer from Wilko.

Note!: I don’t always feel the need to use a primer or a sealer, but I didn’t want to take any risks with this project so I used both.

Rust-oleum Neon paint when wet.

Then I sprayed several layers with Neon by Rust-oleum in yellow, green and pink.

Note!: the amount of time it takes for the paint to become touch dry, ready for a recoat or thoroughly dry varies widely by product.

I personally like that the paint dries a bit less neon than when wet.

Neon Picture frame

This light weight plastic picture frame was a good project to use up the leftover Neon paint from the chandelier.

I really like blending two colours. There’s such a fine hue of orange between the yellow and pink.

Small Storage solutions

Still technically a paper basket. πŸ˜‹ I sprayed this with Plastikote Twist & Paint Satin Pistachio.


Couple of pen pots from old metal paint pot and a metal planter. I used white primer from Wilko, Plastikote Twist & Paint Satin Pistachio and Plastikote Metallic Rose Gold.

This ‘ladder’ is the back rest of a broken Ikea daybed. I painted it with Plastikote Twist & Paint Satin Pistachio.

Picture Frames


Another picture frame given a new look with Plastikote Silver Glitter.

Close up

I painted this lovely charity shop picture frame with Plastikote Fast Dry Project Enamel in Garden Green. It has a very shiny finish.

Note!: this paint takes longer to dry than some other paints (45 min till touch dry), so if painting outdoors like I do, make sure your work is protected from flying leaves etc. whilst the paint is drying.

Ikea step stool

The steps on this step stool have been painted with left over chalk paint and the frame is sprayed with Plastikote Metallic Rose Gold.


And this birdcage got it’s new look with Plastikote Metallic in Graphite.

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