Fabric House by Lemon Bee Designs

I finally got the curtains and the “door” in place. It may have taken a year, but now our fabric house is complete. Woop woop!

First of all I must apologise for the pictures are not that great. Not only is the carpet in this room a bit hideous, the fabric house is already well worn and there is just no way I have the time to start ironing it. 

So this is from our crafts room. In an attempt to give myself more time to craft about, I thought it would be a fun idea to turn my tall table into a nice hideaway/play house for the kid to play in. I’m not sure if it’s working yet. Half the time I’m trying to stop him from diving in and out the windows, stretching the fabric and just tearing the whole thing to pieces. He might be a bit too young for it now, but maybe in a few years time it will be his favourite hang out. That is, if it has survived that far.

Often, almost always, I make mistakes whilst sewing. I find the 3D imaging of how to sew pieces together for them to take a specific shape very challenging. Trial and error definitely forms the core of my learning method for sewing, but this time around everything went really well. All the pieces just fell into place and I didn’t have re-do anything.

I am pretty sure I got the idea for this from Pinterest. I wanted to make it pretty simple, but with some activities on the external windowless ends. We have a play kitchen in our crafts room, purposely placed in front of the fireplace to stop the kid from entering it. One side of the house has a washing line to be used with the kitchen’s washing machine. The other end has an apple tree and the kid loves picking the Velcroed apples from it.

by lemon bee designs
Initial Plan
by lemon bee designs
Final Plan

The work table has a little net underneath it, which is meant for storing power gables etc. It’s perfect for hanging fairy lights from. On one occasion, when I was desperate to try a new pattern, I hung my Ipad off it and put animations on for the kid.

Fabric House by Lemon Bee Designs
Inside the fabric house

I used to love making forts when I was… what am I talking about, I still love making forts! So I’m sure that one day this fabric house will serve as the starting point for an epic all around the house fort, that possibly extends to two floors. I am not opposed to pinning sheets to picture frames to make an awesome tunnel on our staircase.

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