This is my favourite time of the year.

Mind you I might say that every time a new season starts.

Though I don’t go to school anymore I still get a strong start of school flashback every year that makes me buy new pens and get lots of new projects started.

This is also another time of the year when I miss Finland a bit more. England is beautiful in Autumn too, and you can find some amazing colours around you, but there are so many ever greens here it tones down the experience for me. They do however add a lovely amount of colour into winter so I’m not complaining. Just need to go visit Finland in the autumn some time. Get the best of both countries. 🙂

As I generally like decorating my living quarters quite a bit I have some autumn specific decorations to be taken out on the 1st of September. Couple of ceramic toad stools to put on the mantle piece and some colourful laser cut felt leaves to hang in all the shutters.

This year I have added some chunky crochet pumpkins too. I ordered this drops Eskimo yarn to originally make a giant mandarin, but it was a bit too dark for my liking. Perfect colour for some pumpkins though.

And as the bucket of sticks is on my mantel piece isn’t going anywhere at the moment, I got some shiny King Cole Chunky Riot to make a bunch of leaves to hang to them. I did also make a nice mandala with the rest of the Chunky Riot, but forgot to write down the pattern. Oops!

Here’s a free pattern for the leaves: 

Oak-like leaf:


In the 3rd ch (counts as ch-3) from the hook work htr & dc, (ss in the next st, ch-2, in the next st work tr, htr & dc) twice, in the last st ss twice and turn the work 180 degrees to work the following on the other side of the beg ch-9 (mirroring what has already been worked):

(In the next st work dc, htr & tr, ch-2, ss in the next st) twice.

In the last st (which is the same as the first st of the other side) work dc & htr, then ss to the top of the beg ch-3 = tip of the leaf. Cut the yarn and weave in all ends.

Birch-like leaf:


Starting in the 2nd chain from the hook work the following: ss, dc, htr, tr, tr, htr, dc, and ss in the last.

Ch-1 and turn the work 180 degrees to work the following on the other side of the beg ch-9: ss (again) in the first st, dc, htr, tr, tr, htr, dc, and ss in the tip of the leaf. Cut the yarn and weave in all ends.

The Pumpkin pattern will be added to my etsy shop soon! 🙂

Pattern Copyright Ida @ Lemon Bee Designs 2018. All rights reserved. You may not reproduce or sell copies of this patterns. You may sell finished products made with this pattern, but kindly credit back to Ida @ Lemon Bee Designs as the designer.

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