This is going to be a real trip down memory late for me.

Back in 2009 (*holy cow, that’s almost a decade ago!*) I had just graduated from Uni and my levels inspiration was at an all time low. I really needed to create big time and so I had a brief fling with some beads and bits of wire. Here are the results.
Bracelets with beads, charms, leather cord and buttons.
Bracelets with fabric, buttons, and ribbons.
This bracelet was knitted with wool and thin silver plated wire and decorated with beads and buttons.
Earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Made with charms, beads, silver plated wire, silver plated earring hooks, leather cord, satin ribbon and silver plated split rings.
So when there is no danger of a kid hanging off my ears, I like to wear fun and colorful earrings. Relatively short ones though as long ones always tend to make me look like a fortune teller. I can’t always find what I’m looking for in the jewellery department, but it’s mega fun to buy phone charms in pairs and attaching some silver plated earring hooks on them. And voila!
Another easy way of getting fun earrings is gluing silver plated earring studs onto some funky buttons.

Here’s a couple of Brooches I sewed together from ribbons, buttons and felt.
I made this necklace for myself as I just wanted to wear a bunch of these lovely charms. It’s mainly satin ribbons tied together, knots secured with a tiny bit of super glue, and the rest is different charms with some silver plated split rings.

Earrings with Swarovski crystals and Murano glass beads.
Fabric necklace with glass beads, wooden beads and buttons. This one was so much fun to make as it included mostly sowing. I would say it’s quite heavy to wear but it looks great.

I don’t really see myself as a jewellery designer, at least not a classy one, but going through all these old photos has reminded me how fun it was making all these little bits and things. And wearing them was even more fun. So I will definitely keep on referring back to them for happiness, further ideas and maybe some day I’ll make some more.

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