Corona and pregnancy have cut my creative pursuits to minimum. Drawing is hard for me with a kid around and screens make me a bit queasy too. So I’ve been trying a quick simple style of drawing lately and I totally love it. 

Despite a more laid back attitude towards my art work and what it should look like I’m still putting mountains of pressure on myself. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m after in terms of the end result, but I’m stuck as I don’t know how to get there?!?!?! 

So let’s put all expectations aside for a moment and draw before we have time to think (or feel sick). It’s like a mindfulness exercise. Focus on moving the pencil and if the mind wonders anywhere bring it straight back to the paper. Forget all the drawings you’ve recently wished were yours and just do something fun with shapes and colours.

Here’s an elephant. I think. There must be a lot of technical inaccuracies, I haven’t checked. The kid seems to think it’s an elephant. Yas!!!

I’m doing this with reference photos as well. In stead of sketching the image I just try and draw it the simplest way possible.

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