Watercolour brushes and Marker in Procreate

I’m working hard to keep this reflective practise up.

So I have chronic sinusitis and this year it has been worse than ever. No gross details, but it’s starting to affect my life a bit too much. See I had planned on kicking this year off with a bang. No crazy new year’s resolutions or anything like that. Just making the effort to not sit on the couch so much and see where that leads me.

I’ve found a new tap dance class and a Zumba class, both very near me so I shouldn’t have any reasons to skip them. I have also started going to bed at the same time as my kid (21:00) and waking up at 5.30am to meditate, do yoga and practice drawing. I’ve now moved it to 5:00am and it has been great. I actually get some uninterrupted time to focus on some Skillshare drawing tutorials and my back pain is finally starting to disappear to the point where I’ve been signed off physio. I also feel like I sleep better and am more rested in the morning. So lots of good things happening.

But I’m less than pleased that the sinusitis is now trying to sabotage my plans, especially on the exercise front. I’m going to compress my long list of rants into a short statement of “this winter blows and could we please skip to summer already?!”. Spring is lovely, but that’s when I’ve usually been the most ill, you know after being weakened by the long winter, so let’s just skip that one this year.

And ending on a more positive note, here are some summery doodles and drawing I’ve been making in Procreate and Adobe draw this month.

Florals in Procreate. I followed a Skillshare class by Liz Kohler Brown
Floral House in Procreate. I followed a Skillshare class by Liz Kohler Brown.
Alphabet doodles in Adobe Draw
Flowers at Paradise Park in Adobe Draw

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