I had an involuntary break in my blogging last week. At regular intervals my toddler seems to have a big development jump, which in turn, reorganises our day-to-day life. It’s like a cycle we keep repeating and there are always a few regression days, during which I won’t get anything done as I’m busy providing emotional support to my little guy.

The previous week was one of them. Things have calmed down now, and I’m getting back to my creative adventures, but it has left me a bit thoughtful. It is very frustrating to lose my momentum during these regression days, but I wonder if they could actually serve a purpose. A time to stop and review what progress I’ve made, what ideas I have had and how they have developed. 

My mind has always had a habit of running away from me. I get more ideas than my hands have time to make, so I end up doing a bit of a headless chicken run of excitement. This usually results in several half finished projects and lots of unrecorded ideas that I’ll probably forget about. Eventually I also get a bit exhausted, anxious and bored with what I’m doing.

So perhaps pacing myself for these regression days would be beneficial. Instead of viewing them as my toddler holding me back, I could view them as a reminder to slow down, reflect and reboot my brain a bit. From my perspective my toddler’s world is a crazy roller coaster ride, but so is mine. And having given it a bit of thought I feel that his actually makes more sense. The development cycle resets itself at regular intervals, where as mine often ends up running on empty.

I wanted to use this blog as a reflective journal, and though I still have a few more old projects to recap, now could be a good time to start moving forward and reflecting as I go. As I’m basically being forced to take breaks from my creative adventures anyway, I will start embracing them as opportunities for development. And it’s not like I didn’t get anything done the previous week. I did a lot of crocheting in the park and turned my leftover cotton yarns into some fun netbags. Wahey!

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