Spring is officially here!

Yey! Though I must admit, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with spring time. I love all the colour, the light and all the new life, but it´s also a time when I always get ill. I suppose after the winter, my batteries are running at an all time low, so my immune system decides to finally throw the towel in. Which is why I´m currently sporting a cold, but as it hasn’t floored me yet I´m excited to get some Easter decorations out.
This year I´ve decided to give the needle felted Easter eggs a try, because I just happened to run into some polystyrene eggs at a local craft store. I have tried these before years ago, but I didn’t get very far as my needles kept snapping almost instantly. In all fairness to the needles I realise now that I wash´t actually using polystyrene, but some weird soft but too dense paper…thingy.
But now I have finally managed to get some done and here are the instructions. Though please be extra extra careful of the needles as it hurts like hell if you pierce yourself.
  • Polystyrene eggs
  • Merino wool tops (23 micron) in colours of your choice
  • Felting needles, I used a 40 gauge triangular needles as that is all I had, but I have a feeling a medium gauge needles would work better
  • Multi-needle felting tool
  • PVA glue
  • Barbecue skewer. 3mm knitting needle works too.
  • 3mm wide satin ribbon; 20cm piece per egg
  • Pull off a long strip of wool and wrap it around the polystyrene egg. Stab the wool repeatedly with a multi-needle felting tool until the wool stays in place. Repeat until the whole egg is covered and the wool stays in place all around.
  • To add details, use thin strips of wool and a single felting needle. Work small areas at a time. You may want to use a fine marker to draw your designs on the egg before working the details but I skipped this as I was too impatient to see my finished pieces.
  • For the dots I used a small strip of wool, folded it in half and attached the fold to the egg with a felting needles. Then I started twisting the rest of the wool around the already attached fold to form a dot.
  • When you´ve finished felting the egg, pierce a hole in the top with a barbecue skewer or 3mm knitting needle. Turn the 20cm piece of ribbon into a loop with a knot and push the knotted end into the hole. Further secure in place with a drop of PVA.

    And you´re done! =) 


    These eggs are not perfect, but they definitely are one of a kind. We went to a nearby forest to get a bunch of twigs so I could hang my new creations on our mantelpiece. I also used a glue gun to include some feathers, which I´ve been holding on to since 2011 because they might come in handy one day! Happy Easter!


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