Longish time ago I attended an Art University in England and studied Interior Architecture & Design. I had chosen this course as it felt the most likely one in the Uni catalogue to help me secure a job. Well it didn’t turn out to be the career path for me. It just didn’t feel creative enough and after three years of working hard to complete my degree I was completely done with the subject.

What followed was several years of working for a ‘multinational financial services corporation’ until right at the end of my maternity leave I decided not to go back to work (aaaarrrrgghh!). There were several reasons for this, one being wanting to teach my son my mother tongue Finnish, but the main reason was that autopiloting through irrelevant data, calls and emails doesn’t have much point to it. Surprising right?

Now being a stay at home mum is extremely rewarding yet at the same time utterly chaotic, insane and unpredictable. I constantly feel like I’m acting out a movie belonging to the comedy-drama-thriller-tragedy-foreign cinema-action-adventure genre. So, in order to cope, I have taken to using every possible moment I can to creating and making things.

Deciding to make something and then making it happen is a perfect way of injecting a momentary sense of control in my otherwise random life. It is also incredibly fun to get to use my creations whether they are practical things like a neck warmer or less practical like an origami display by my staircase. I would also like to use all this new positive energy to find a better direction in life so as a big believer in reflective journals I’m starting this blog as a record of my creative experiments and adventures.

Wish me luck!

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