Finland round 2


Last week I got back from my second trip to Finland this summer (lucky me, yey).

The June trip was…er. … interesting. Ok I’m not gonna lie to you. It was a tad shite. The kid was in a horrid mood, understandably as beard-face had to come back to England half way through, our camera broke first day and we were constantly busy running around seeing relatives etc.

So half way through that “holiday” I booked us a new one and luckily this time around things went a lot better. The kid was in the best of moods throughout and we didn’t go visit anyone. Except my grandma, but that kind of feels like staying in a nice hotel, where the owner maybe asks you a few too many personal questions.

I still saw a few good friends as they came to see us, but most of the hol was just laying about at the lake house with my family, drinking coffee and knitting.

I’m not even going to bother describing how lovely it is over there. Just going to let the pictures do the talking.



The lake wasn’t particularly warm anymore, but the kid has suddenly found his inner “water beast” (as we say in Finland) and had to be taken in at least once a day. Luckily I could delegate this job to Beard-face or my mother, whilst I sat in the lovely, lovely warmth of the Sauna.

Another highlight for me was all the Moomin things I got for my birthday. I got a bunch of mugs, a lovely Moomin House jug and a whole Moomin bag full of Moomin edibles and drinkables.

So in short, the holiday was a complete success. I’m not sure I feel rested though. I got so many new ideas whilst laying about that my brain has been working non stop since.


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