This is a relatively new technique for me.

I first came across it as part of a CAL blanket in 2016, but last year I realised you can make pixelated images by using cross stitch or knitting patterns. Mind you I wouldn’t pick anything too big as one stitch will actually be a whole square of treble (double in US) stitches and depending on the yarn and hook size would be at least 10 mm x 10mm.

I tested the technique by making a little baby blanket in Aran weight Caron Cakes in Faerie Cake.

If my son is in the room he will launch himself on anything I place on the floor so need to time photos well.

That got me very inspired so I made this Totoro Blanket for my son :). I may have over done it a bit here as the background yarn was a colour changing yarn, so it was a bit of a chore to get the colours to match and form stripes on each side of the grey Totoro.

Jumping into the deep end is good for learning new things, but for future projects I would use a solid background or form stripes from single solid colours. It’s super tough to turn your work around when you have nine balls of yarn attached. Also with blankets there isn’t much hiding yarns on the “back” side of the work.

Picture before starting work on the right eye, and before nine balls of yarn were attached at the same time.

My third project was a Jack Skellington pillow cover with some black dk yarn from Lidl and Sirdar Hayfield Spirit dk in Sundown. I still haven’t put it together due to never remembering to buy black fabric to finish it. Here I used a colour changing yarn for the background too, but made things a lot easier for myself by travelling the yarns along the back of the work. In a pillow case the back won’t be visible. That is if I ever get my act together and finish this project.

I love the black on rainbow <3
Finished Piece
It was a lot easier to just have the yarn travel at the back of the work.

Now I don’t have enough experience to come up with any good and clear c2c instructions, but there are many talented crochet bloggers out there who have posted free ones. So just get on googling. I’ve included the charts I made of Totoro and Jack Skellington below.

Happy Crafting! xxxx

Pattern copyright Ida @ Lemon Bee Designs 2019 . All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce or sell my patterns. You can sell products made from this pattern, but remember to credit back to Ida @ Lemon Bee Designs as the designer.

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