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The summer always goes so fast, right? Or perhaps I just slow down so much it flies by. The weather in Sussex has been so beautifully sunny and dry for so long now, I’m starting to fear that we will be paying for it next year. That being said I have never spent so much time indoors. I just don’t like the heat. I get dizzy and headachy from the sun so quickly instead I end up huddled in the coolest room of the house serving picnics on the floor whilst my kid builds his train tracks everywhere and I watch episodes of Poirot.

Agatha Christie has been a big part of my summer for years. I used to visit with my grandmother during the summer holidays every year. It would always be a mix of sunny days and very loud thunder. She used to live in a place that attracted thunder apparently. And all we would do is drink coffee, eat strawberries, read books (she has the most amazing fabric bound vintage collection of Christie books), take naps and watch ITVs Poirot with David Suchet. Ahh such happy times.

It’s not quite like that anymore. I still get to visit her of course, twice this summer actually, and we drink coffee and might watch some more Poirot, but there’s no knitting or reading or napping whilst I’m busy making sure the kid doesn’t smash one of her many glass ornaments or drop a bronze statue on himself. 

But luckily at home, in our toddler proofed haven, I still get to enjoy the box sets of Poirot, drink coffee and get a little crochet done. The kid gets quite into them too when ever a nice steam train enters the screen. These little moments of crochet are so important to me, and though there are so many other crafts I wish I could also be doing, I am so grateful for the little guy’s skills of entertaining himself, for they allow me to complete my own projects. From what I’ve heard, not everyone gets that.

This summer I have found myself drawn to fruits in many shapes and sizes. I always eat a lot of fruit and berries in the summer. Probably due to being so thirsty all the time. Now I’ve also taken to crocheting them. I have a plan to make a bunch of crochet fruit and vegetables for my sons 3rd bday present next Jan, but after finishing the first cherry I dived into making chunky versions instead. With loose deadlines I easily jump from one idea to another without completing the first one, but I just had to make these for they are so perfect as cushions, props, fun decor and what have you.

They are not in any sort of realistic scale to each other, but apart from the mini peeler clementine the rest of the fruit are similar size to one another. I will publish the clementine pattern here soon, and who knows, maybe I will soon make some fruit hats to go with the props.


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