I, like many, find January just a bit of hard work. It’s dark and cold and I’m going through post-christmas sugar withdrawal. Doing the early wake up at this time of the year doesn’t amount to as much progress as it does to time spent on social media. I’m using the bright light of the phone to pry my eyes open.

Despite the general gloominess I’m going through some very positive emotions this month. Something happened over the Christmas holidays. Though it must have been in the works the whole of last year. All of a sudden I like my drawings a lot more than I usually do. I don’t think that they are necessarily better, but I’m just not as critical of them as I usually am. Emotional development towards a more positive mindset.

As I’ve been going through many new books my kid got as presents I find myself thinking ”well I could actually draw that” or ” with more practice I will be able to draw that too”. Logically I know that fear is the biggest thing slowing me down, but changing your brain to believe this takes time. I might sometimes think that “if only I had been brave enough 10 or 20 years ago”, but then I quickly change it to “I’m glad I didn’t take longer than this as now I’m on the right track”. Yay!

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