I’ve had so many little posts I’ve been meaning to write since April. It just never happens. Mostly because I still haven’t hacked this web image size dilemma. 

Regardless of being vector or raster my drawings are way too big for posting, yet way too blurry if I try to make them smaller.

I’m also too busy with using and learning all these wonderful tools I now have access to (procreate, adobe draw, affinity designer) and I also managed to have a two week spring slump when I did absolutely nothing. Except maybe watch four seasons of Jane the Virgin in four days.

In any case, I will now attempt to upload a few of my favourite creations as part of this posts. Hopefully one day I can look back at these and chuckle fondly at the little information I have regarding file optimisation.

My first repeat pattern in Procreate
Testing my drawing skills with some no stress doodles
My go to doodle since forever 🙂 Finally making it into a pattern
And have already made around 40 colour options with it.
Learning to play around with the layers in Procreate
Quick Strawberries

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